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[How To] How to test Spamassassin

To test Spamassassin it is necessary to send a test mail containing the following string of characters (in upper case and with no white spaces and line breaks):


Note: Test mail must be sent from an account outside of your network.
Additional information

Please see more information about Spamassassin here:

Ever wondered how many bytes of space are there left to transfer while doing a dd with a large image ?

Well, dd has a built-in trick in order to help you doing this.

Right from its man page, introducing now the magic :

Sending a USR1 signal to a running `dd’ process makes it print I/O statistics to standard error and then resume copying.

$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null& pid=$!
$ kill -USR1 $pid; sleep 1; kill $pid

18335302+0 records in 18335302+0 records out 9387674624 bytes (9.4 GB) copied, 34.6279 seconds, 271 MB/s

Pretty neat, huh ?

SELECT, mail.mail_name,, accounts.password, mail.postbox, mail.mbox_quota, mail.redirect, mail.redir_addr, mail_group, mail.autoresponder FROM mail, accounts, domains WHERE mail.account_id = AND mail.dom_id = AND = ‘domain.tld’;