Full list of available commands    Ctrl-a Ctrl-?
Open a new screen in existing session    Ctrl-a Ctrl-c
Switch to last accessed screen    Ctrl-a Ctrl-a
Switch to next screen    Ctrl-a Ctrl-n
Switch to previous screens    Ctrl-a Ctrl-p
Disconnect, leaving the session running in background    Ctrl-a Ctrl-d
Split screen vertically    Ctrl-a Ctrl-S
Unsplit screen    Ctrl-a Ctrl-Q
Move focus between splits    Ctrl-a Ctrl-Tab
List currently opened screens    Ctrl-a Ctrl-S
Rename current screen    Ctrl-a Ctrl-A
Monitor a screen for silence    Ctrl-a Ctrl-_
To disconnect (but leave the session running)
Hit Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + D in immediate succession. You will see the message [detached]
To reconnect to an already running session
screen -r
To reconnect to an existing session, or create a new one if none exists
screen -D -r
To create a new window inside of a running screen session
Hit Ctrl + A and then C in immediate succession. You will see a new prompt.
To switch from one screen window to another
Hit Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + A in immediate succession.
To list open screen windows
Hit Ctrl + A and then W in immediate succession

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