vi/vim commands:

A append to end of line
a append after current symbol
I insert at beginning of line
o insert new a line (below)
O insert new line (above)
Move by word: w, b
Move by sentence: ), (
Move by paragraph: }, {
Jump to line x: xG or : x
Jump to end: G
Change (replace) Delete (cut) Yank (copy)
Line cc dd yy
Letter cl dl yl
Word cw dw yw
Sentence ahead c) d) y)
Sentence behind c( d( y(
Paragraph above c{ d{ y{
Paragraph below c} d} y}
p -> paste below(after)
P -> paste above(before)
ctrl+r -> redo last undo
ctrl+u -> undo
ctrl+U – > undo all
Multiple documents can be viewed in a single vim screen
Ctrl-w, s splits the screen horizontally
Ctrl-w, v splits the screen vertically
Ctrl-w, Arrow moves between windows

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