Atomic Archives

* [atomic] – stable rpm channel for packages created by ART.
* [atomic-testing] – near production quality packages created by ART.
* [atomic-bleeding]- untested, non-production packages with frequently zero testing, and known unresolvable compatibility issues created by ART. You shouldn’t be here unless you are me.
* [plesk] – 3rd Party channel for SW-Soft’s Plesk Server Administrator

All ART packages are signed with GPG. This is to ensure that the packages have not been tampered with. ART packages that fail the gpg check should be reported immediately.

Install the ART GPG key:
rpm --import

Yum Atomic Archives
CentOS 3 – 5 / RHEL 3 – 5 / Fedora 4 – 10
The Atomic archives are available through the yum package manager for Fedora, RHEL and CentOS.These archives require access to both the vendors base and update channels, RHEL3 and RHEL 4 users are therefore recommended to access the atomic archives through up2date.

Automatic configuration
Using Lynx (yum -y install lynx):
lynx -source | sh

Using Wget:
wget -q -O - | sh

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